The distinct plop´ sound has been a part of Flensburger beer since the brewery was founded, in 1888. The brewery continues to produce high-quality beer in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Even as every other brewery switched to the crown cap, Flensburg kept using the swing top. The plop´ sound created by these types of tops has long been a signature feature of Flensburger beer.

Just as characteristic, however, are the beer’s sharp freshness, full-flavoured taste and overall wholesomeness. To achieve this quality, great care is taken and only the best materials and most modern equipment are used. The brewery gets its crystal-clear water from a 240-metre-deep glacial spring known as the “Flensburger Gletscherquelle” and uses a special brewing process to ensure that all of the valuable ingredients remain in the beer. The classic Flensburger Pilsner is just one of the many beer specialities brewed up here in Flensburg, where around 20 smaller breweries still operated in the late 19th century. These days, multiple 16 varieties of “Flens” are available: fine “light”, bitter “dark”, mild “gold”, malt beers and shandies, winter and spring bocks and, of course, alcohol-free beer. And if you think you can only get wheat beer in Bavaria, you need to try the delicious Flensburger Weizen.

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