Winderatt fruit museum

Winderatt fruit museum

Pomarium anglicum

In Angeln, hidden between the meadows and fields, a large orchard in Sörup-Winderatt has been gathering old types of fruit for around three decades. It all started with the Angeln heirloom apple, which was praised as a particularly fine variety by the Chamber of Farmers of Schleswig-Holstein in 1950. After being tipped off by the public in the early ’90s, Meinolf Hammerschmidt found an apple tree dating back to 1850 in Sörup and cut the first slips for propagation.

The Chinese origins of this apple as well as its dissemination in Europe through monasteries and manors are on display in the lively fruit museum. Themed gardens with baroque garden elements like pergolas and espaliers provide insights into the gardening culture of each era. Monasteries played a major role in the dissemination of fruit from 11th to 15th centuries. Quinces and medlars, which have since faded into obscurity, were once used for their healing properties. These can be viewed in the orchard.

Closed areas featuring pear espaliers provide a perfect environment for relaxation. If you’re lucky, you will hear the tree frogs croaking in late summer. These creatures come into the orchard from the nearby sea area of Winderatt to protect the ripe fruit from insects.

The tools and devices used to process and maintain fruit and wood are also on display along with information panels on the different varieties, the history and the production of fruit. You can also taste the variety of flavours at the small fruit buffet.

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