Dolleruper Destille

Dolleruper Destille

German's northernmost fruit distillery

You will find the Dolleruper Destille located in the village of Dollerup, not far from Flensburg. It is the northernmost fruit distillery in Germany. Since 2003 exquisite distillates are hand-crafted from various types of fruits. 2014 the Destille was taken over by Dr. Axel Hartwig and Werner Sauer. The two of them extended their product range with several brandies like German whiskey, rhum and various sorts of gin. Some of them made to order by customers, but mostly produced single-handedly. During September, the ripe fruits are being squeezed into juice. Private customers can let their homegrown apples, pears and other fruits be pressed here, and even let the Brennmeister (master distiller) yield high proof delicacies from them to order.

The Dolleruper Destille is centrally located at main road Nordstraße. The distillery not only has its own farm shop, where you can purchase their products, on the first floor it even boasts a venue that is frequently used for private and company parties as well as musical events and even jazz concerts.

The Destille farm shop

In the farm shop, locals and tourists can purchase Bioland-certified organic distillates and juices.
Regional products are being preferred, as crops are grown locally. Being member of the wholefood-network FEINHEIMISCH and nature conservancy Stiftung Naturschutz the processing of local crops is a main point of concern. Thus, only naturally grown crops from Schleswig-Holstein are being used during production. A few other regional products like honey or vinegar-specialties complete the product line.

Tours and distillery-showroom

Visiting the operating distillery throughout opening hours is a special and knowledgeable experience. You can participate in show-distillations, take part in a still-seminar and book courses and tastings on various themes. Furthermore, the Dolleruper Destille's open gallery can be booked for private and company parties for maximum 80 persons.

Dolleruper Destille
Neukirchener Weg 8a
D - 24989 Dollerup
Fon +49 4636 976030