Eroticism from Flensburg

Eroticism from Flensburg


“The world is loud, colourful, and booming – a playground for explorers.”

Her mother told her about the Knaus-Ogino method, used for determining the days that a woman is unable to conceive. The young pilot recalls this as she sits at the typewriter, after World War 2. She writes four pages. Unable to think of a better name, she calls it “Pamphlet X”. For five pounds of butter, she has the pamphlets printed and sells them for two Reichsmark each. The name of its author: Beate Uhse.

In the '40s, Beate (Uhse) and her husband, Ernst-Walter Rotermund, founded the first mail-order condom business in Flensburg. In the '50s they opened a lingerie store and a laboratory for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products as well as founded their own brand of condoms. They added a publishing house in the '60s, Super 8 film production in the '70s, video production later on, and the list goes on ...

Although she was indicted around 2,000 times and faced about 700 lawsuits in the ’50s and ’60s, nothing held the erotic revolutionary back from turning the most beautiful activity in the world into a “hot issue”.

In 1981, Beate Rotermund transformed her business into a joint-stock company. Beate and her youngest son, Ulrich Rotermund, continued to run the Beate Uhse stores, while sons Klaus Uhse and Dirk Rotermund headed the mail-order business, which now operates under the name Orion Versand GmbH & Co. KG.

With eight catalogues, 170 stores throughout Europe and wholesale operations, Orion is a global player today. The language of love is spoken all around the world.

Its Flensburg headquarters sends out up to 5,000 packages every day while managing 12,000 different items. Want to find out more? Further information is available at Tours are available on request.

Beate Uhse AG employs 620 employees and has over 300 shops in 10 different countries around the world. It generated €142.9m in revenue in 2014. More information is available at  

A bit of lust from Flensburg – Love, Life, Sex Toys!

“Liebe, Leben, Lovetoys!” (Love, Life, Sex Toys!), a cheeky, silly boulevard musical with cult status in Flensburg and Schleswig-Holstein, has enjoyed many a sold-out performance and brought audiences to tears of laughter.

Sex toys are still a tricky subject for some today. For many people it falls somewhere between shame and curiosity. With a whole lot of passion and humour and without taking themselves too seriously, singers Rita Gäbler and Sylvia Wieland worked with Orion to touch upon this subject after being approached by Flensburger Fjord-Tourismus. The result was a captivating, lusty boulevard musical in the erotic city of Flensburg, directed by Annett Scholwin.

Many surprises await the off-beat Anna (Rita Gäbler) and uptight Elvira (Sylvia Wieland), two sisters tasked with cleaning out their recently deceased Aunt Ilse’s flat. Aunt Ilse found pleasure in pleasure and worked at Orion, a manufacturer of erotic products. Following the family memories you would expect, the pair discover a number of quite unexpected sex toys. Find out what they do with their discoveries – and what their discoveries do with them – at the Niederdeutschen Bühne in Flensburg. 

Musically strong, cheeky, sexy and highly unusual – Rita Gäbler and Sylvia Wieland are full-blooded comedians of the highest order with wonderful voices. The man at the piano is Raimund Heusch. Raimund originally comes on stage to look at the piano for sale and, over the course of the evening, becomes part of this frivolous game.