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Ostseman Ostseman


Glücksburg: ab/an Strandpromenade Sandwig 05.08.2018 07:00 Uhr

The OstseeMan is a special experience at the Flensburg Firth which attracts sports-minded visitors to the water in swarms.

Every year, more than 1,000 athletes compete for victory at the legendary Baltic OstseeMan Triathlon in Glücksburg. The OstseeMan is the only triathlon in Germany over the Ironman distance, which includes swimming in the open sea. Among the participants are some of the best and most well-known athletes – from the German champion to Ironman contenders. The beach promenade in Glücksburg offers plenty of space for spectators. From there the athletes can be spurred on as loudly as possible.

“The Glücksburg Spa beach at seven o'clock in the morning: goosebumps guaranteed – for the spectators! The leaders cross the finishing line from 3 pm onwards. A beautiful fireworks display on the Flensburg Firth celebrates the grand finale of the event.”

Sunday, 5th August 2018:

07:00 am: Swimming start / mass start

Approx. 7:50 am: Changeover from swimming to cycling by the leading triathletes

Approx. 12:30 pm: Changeover from cycling to running by the leading triathletes

Approx. 3:25 pm: The victor crosses the finishing line

10:00 pm: Finish

10:20 pm: Award ceremony at the Strandhotel


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