Augustenborg Slot

Augustenborg Slot

in Denmark


The largest residence in the region

The first Augustenborg Palace was built between 1660 and 1664 by Ernst Günther, the great grandchild of Christian III. He named it after his wife, Princess Augusta von Glücksburg This palace fell to ruin. Frederik Christian I built the current palace between the years of 1764 and 1776. The last duke left Augustenborg in 1848 to participate in the Schleswig-Holstein revolt against Denmark. After being used as a military hospital and barracks, the palace was turned into a hospital in 1932 and used as a psychiatric hospital for over 75 years. Today, the agricultural authorities have their offices in the palace. Tours of the Garden Hall, the duke’s study and the church are available. A psychiatric museum is located in the gatehouse, next door to a miniature museum explains the history of the palace, the city and the ducal family.

Schloss Augustenborg
Storegade 2
DK-6470 Augustenborg