Nordborg Slot

Nordborg Slot

in Denmark


Royal, baroque idyll

In 1151, the first fortress was built on Als as defence against the Wends of Rügen. The fortress was given the name Alsburg and later renamed Nørreborg as a new construction was built to the south of Nordborg. After it burnt down in 1665, a baroque castle was built. It was completed in 1678. Until 1729, this castle served as a farm for Duke August and his successors. After this, it was taken into crown possession. It was sold to private owners in 1766 and began to deteriorate. The castle was rebuilt in 1910 and a school for continuing education was established in 1921 by the merchant Johan Hansen from Copenhagen.

Today, it is the home of a boarding school and can only be viewed from outside. The park is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Schloss Nordborg
Slotsgrunden 1
DK-6430 Nordborg