Merchant courtyards

Merchant courtyards


The gems of the city

Flensburg merchants built their homes between the port and Große Straße/the Holm (now a pedestrian zone). They functioned as living quarters, trading stations and warehouses. The merchant families lived in front, facing the street. This is also where they had their offices. In the adjacent hall there would be the characteristic living rooms, above which their servants would live. The storage rooms were located in the side wings and the adjacent warehouses. They were located close to the port so that goods could be quickly unloaded from the ship and brought to the warehouses.

Today these courtyards are true gems and a must-see for your visit. You can discover the city’s beautiful small shops and restaurants from the pedestrian zone and attend concerts throughout the city in the summer months, when the “Flensburger Hofkultur” festivities take place. The tour guides’ give free reign to fantasy and transport you into the past so you can experience life in these courtyards.

You can find more information in the map of the historic city centre..



The courtyards are plotted in the city maps issued by the tourist information office.