Old Cemetery

Old Cemetery

& the Isted Lion


A piece of German-Danish history

The Old Cemetery is located directly next to Museumsberg, between Stuhrsallee and Reepschlägerbahn. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, then look no further. A walk through the oldest communal cemetery in Schleswig-Holstein offers just that. Pay a visit to the cemetery chapel, designed by Alex Bundsen, as well as the Isted Lion from 1862, which was originally erected to commemorate the Danish victory over Schleswig-Holstein in 1850.

The Isted Lion, however, has only been back in Flensburg’s possession since 2011 and is now a monument to the German-Danish tensions that led to the war of 1864. Today, the Isted Lion is a symbol of friendship and trust between Germans and Danes.