in the firth region


Not simply run of the mill ...

Embedded in lush fields of rapeseed or against a backdrop of maritime scenery right by the Baltic, you can admire beautiful buildings from the outside. Some of them allow you to see the technology in action while others grant you a lovely view from the gallery. In the Renata windmill you can even purchase flour from the historic flour mill! 

Fortuna Mill

Now fully renovated, the gallery smock mill in Unewatt is a technological landmark.

Charlotte Mill

The grain and straw mill is located by Gelting Bay, right by the Baltic Sea.

Hoffnung Mill

This smock ground sailer windmill tells the history from grain to grinding and the black bread.

Renata Mill

This windmill is still in operation and produces grist used for baking as well as for animal feed.

Steinadler Mill

The Steinadler is the largest mill in Schleswig-Holstein today and has an adjoining hotel.


This smock mill, a protected landmark, in Flensburg’s Nordstadt district is one of city’s last windmills.