Glücksburg forest museum

Glücksburg forest museum

in Glücksburg


Stay curious!

Enjoy the forests - your quiet zone - and recharge your batteries during lengthy strolls by yourself, or together with your family. 

Once in a while you may have listened to a songbird or watched a wild animal that was little known to you. The Glücksburg Forest Museum is happy to inform their guests about the forest’s flora and fauna, and enlighten you as to the great importance of healthy forests for our local and global nature. Well over 100 preparations from animals give you the opportunity to scrutinise native birds of prey, songbirds, ducks and herons closely and precisely. The second - and bigger – area in the museum is dedicated to the world of plants. Here you will be able to study the many different local species of trees and plants, and gather knowledge and information about the specimen’s peculiarities. You can test your knowledge of local animals and their forest conditions in a forest-quiz.

Glücksburg forest museum
Holnisstraße 2
24960 Glücksburg
Phone: +49 4631 2134 or
Phone: +49 4631 409497

Opening times:
Sat and Sun 11 am to 4 pm
April to October
(Group tours by appointment)