for two-legged and four-legged guests


Does it get any better than a long walk on the beach or in the woods with man’s best friend? There are many options for pet-friendly accommodation on the Flensburg Firth. Information on holidays with the dog, accommodation and dog walks can be found in our tourist information offices.

A number of dog beaches are waiting to be scented.

Glücksburg Forest for dogs: Your dog is free to roam and play on around 20 hectares of open land in the Glücksburg Forest without the usual leash requirements enforced in Glücksburg. There is parking at the entrance, on Uferstraße at Sandwigstraße.

Dog parks in Flensburg: Guests in Flensburg have access to an approximately 1.8 acre, fenced-in area where they can let their dogs run about off the leash. A day pass costs €2.50 per day. More information can be found at

You don’t want to miss out on a walk with your dog and other like-minded people on holiday? We have just the thing for you and your furry friend. Take a guided dog walk through Glücksburg and along the Flensburg Firth. You can find more information as well as a dog walk schedule at our tourist information offices.