artefact climate park

An energy-filled theme park

“Get a grasp on energy” is the slogan of the artefact climate park in Glücksburg. On a “high-wattage hike”, visitors of all ages will learn all about energy.
Here, textbook physics can finally be “grasped” – and it’s fun, too! At more than 30 stations, scientists from young to old can learn all about the “fossil” greenhouse effect and come up with their own ideas on how to build and live sustainably. Whether it’s the use of renewable energies like biogas or solar power, the Stirling engine or modern fuel cells - the clmate park brings you closer to the technologies of tomorrow than ever before.
What’s more: the climate park is now home to some animal friends. Two Angeln saddlebacks are now permanent residents at artefact, and they are really settling in.

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