City Games Flensburg


In Flensburg, visitors’ have a choice of guided tours. Why don’t you set out on a guided tour with an extra amount of spice or fun! Equipped with a tablet you are set to explore Flensburg in an interactive city-wide treasure hunt.
Have your pick between a classic tour and an action tour.
With the Detective Tour you will have to solve some difficult quests: you will unravel mysteries and master action loaded challenges. Be careful, work accurately, and act quickly. The more time you lose, the more time villains have for their escape. If you keep all that in mind, you will be able to catch the felons.
If you choose the City Escape Tour, Flensburg becomes your playground. Mysteries to solve are spread all over the city - solve them and you are set for success. You can play in teams from 6 to 40 persons.

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