Swin-Golf in Hüllerup

A slightly different type of golfing

Experience the joy of golfing with your friends or family. The swin-golf course in Hüllerup offers golf for everyone underneath the open sky. Swin-golf was invented in France in 1982 by Laurent de Vilmorin. It is a type of golf that has very simple rules and requires very little equipment, making it a beginner-friendly, open-air sport. The objective is to use a universal club to navigate a hard foam ball through trimmed fairways into marked holes in as few hits as possible.

A novelty on the course: Football-golf 
In football-golf, players put using their feet on a total of 18 brand new, individual fairways. Football golf is massive fun, and not only for skilled footballers. The rules are simple and few and you can learn them on the course. Balls will also be provided for you. Specific football boots are not needed.

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