in Nordborg/Denmark


Discover its secrets

Make your own rocket and launch it on the launch pad, race on a Segway or try the coldest ice in the world. Welcome to Universe – the recreational park where fun has become a science.
Stop by and experience a fantasy-filled adventure for the whole family.

An outing for the whole family

If you’re on holiday with the kids on the Flensburg Firth, don’t pass up a visit to Universe. Located on Als Island, this recreational park offers an entertaining educational experience for children and adults alike. Everything is possible at Universe, but one thing is for sure - each visitor will put their body, senses and curiosity to the test when discovering the many exciting attractions.

Play and learn with Pixeline

With our newest attractions, you can meet Pixeline in Pixelineland. Together with her funny friends, you can learn and play, have a go at the many interactive games and play on the Pixeline playground.

Travel through time to the year 1864

Travel to the past and experience a unique part of Danish history with our 5D simulator. We will enter the year 1864 and transport you to the middle of the battlefield at Dybbøl.
So buckle up and try to dodge all of the oncoming cannonballs.

Wildly entertaining

At our crazy science circus, you will find a good mixture of fire, explosions and liquid nitrogen. Prepare to laugh more than you ever have before. Pack a lunch and enjoy it in our park’s picnic area or treat yourself in one of our entertaining restaurants. The universe is waiting, so gather the family and experience a day full of fun and adventure! But be careful – you might just learn something.

Mads Patent Vej 1
6430 Nordborg
Phone: +45 88 81 95 00