Natural and cultural idyll by the outer Flensburg Firth

The Baltic coast by the outer Flensburg Firth compliments the typical tourist hotspots of the region. Discover the imposing coastal cliffs and unspoilt ravines on the area’s hiking trails. Easy-going cycling trails pass through a winding landscape and through some of the region’s quaint villages like Munkbrarup, Bönstrup and Dollerup. In the small marina and fishing port of Langballigau you can even get fresh fish direct from the cutter.

You can also enjoy beach life here without the burdens of tourist taxes and large crowds. The beach in Langballigau awaits with canopied beach chairs, a playground and fitness equipment as well as restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities. Somewhat hidden away and virtually unchanged from the time when our grandparents where young, the natural beach in Bockholmwik is even more idyllic. You will always be able to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view across the firth and into Denmark.

Starting out from the beaches, this paradise by the outer firth will satisfy your inner explorer whether you’re on a long hike or a short ramble. Take a stroll on the Fördesteig, across flat meadows and along small moors, up and down the forested coastal cliffs or simply along the Langballigau promenade towards Westerholz. One of the most impressive river valleys on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic coast, the Langballigau valley is a must for any visit and can be walked in its entirety from Westerholz to Unewatt.

The cultural highlight of the region can be found in picturesque Unewatt: The Angeln countryside museum.Nested in an idyllic village setting, the butter mill, smoke house, windmill and other “museum islands” bring rural living in times of yore to life.

You can find more information about the history of Langballig’s many resorts here.

Fresh fish straight from the cutter, straight from the harbour side!

Depending on the season, fishermen have halibut, cod, herring, salmon, trout and even, every now and then, mullets on offer in the fishing ports – sometimes even at the beach. Of course, in many places you can catch the fish yourself. Fish from the cutter is regional, seasonal, fair and sustainable.

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