Beach Mecca, idyllic nature, water sport paradise

…and a breath of romance instead of the hustle and bustle: Welcome to Glücksburg! Shed the stress and chaos of everyday life at our sandy beaches and enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the Flensburg Firth and the proximity of the Danish coast with the Ox Isles, garnished with a sea of white sails.

Recharge and re-energize in Glücksburg: here you will find the ideal conditions for an active holiday that is rich in variety. Start your morning with a leg of the coastal footpath Fördesteig or take a hike through Glücksburg’s woodland and the castle’s grounds. In the afternoon you can explore the beautiful, vibrant landscape on the way marked trails by bicycle and pamper yourself in one of our wellness oases. How about learning to surf or sail in one of the most beautiful locations by the Baltic Sea? Or would you rather go golfing with a sea view?

The famous Glücksburg Castle is one of the cultural highlights and visitor magnets of the Baltic seaside resort. The imposing water castle from the Renaissance was once the imperial residence of Danish kings and was known as the cradle of European royalty.

A genuine and enjoyable bathing experience in the Baltic seaside resort of Glücksburg is guaranteed. With a wide variety of beaches as well as the Fördeland Therme, this is possible year-round. The region boasts idyllic natural beaches, well-maintained beach resorts with canopied beach chairs and on-duty lifeguards, elegant promenades, and surfing lessons and surfboard rentals. The kids are free to burn off energy in the water or on the beaches’ playgrounds, but you can also round out your family time with a trip to the planetarium, the forest museum or the artefact Powerpark, where a unique “high-wattage hike” allows you and the kids to gain an understanding of energy. Or why not go down to the pier at the Glücksburger Strandhotel – the white castle by the water – and head out to sea on the MS Viking?

Please note: A tourist tax applies in Glücksburg. As a visitor, you will receive a so-called ostseecard upon arrival. Take advantage of the multiple offers and discounts during your stay!