in Flensburg


The bach Ostseebad is located just a short distance south of Wassersleben. It is part of the Flensburg city-district. Previously, this was the place where the children of Flensburg came to practise their swimming abilities. And even though this nice and open place is not an “official” public swimming bath any more, many amenities remain for the visitors to enjoy, among them free car parking, a kiosk and a small promenade-pier. There is a dog-beach near the car park on the right side of the promenade.


Solitüde (solitude) Beach is far from a lonely place. On the contrary, located on Flensburg’s east coast, these beautiful Glücksburg bound Baltic shores are - though never crowded - popular with locals and foreign guests alike. The lovely big stretch of white sands invites you to stay and enjoy: Here you will find an Italian restaurant, a mini golf course, a kiosk and much space in the sun and in the shadow of big old trees as well, to picnic, play volleyball or just sit back and relax. If you are able to catch a „real“ windy day, Solitüde is a great and beautiful place to fly a kite. The western part of Solitüde beach features a dog-run that is open all year.