in Glücksburg

Sandwig beach resort

The wonderful atmosphere of the Glücksburg beach resort, with its pier and historic beach hotel, takes visitors back times of yore, when women wore long dresses and Flensburg residents took the steamship over to Glücksburg for coffee. These days you can rent a canopied beach chair on the gorgeous white beach and watch the ships as they dock while your children splash about in the water. There is lifeguard supervision in some areas. From there, you can take a ship to Flensburg and bring your bike along with you. 

Holnis Drei

If you’re more of the athletic type, then the Drei beach on the Holnis Peninsula is right for you. The Drei not only lets you forget about all of your responsibilities, you can also watch the catamaran sailors, surfers, and kite surfers as they ride the waves. And who knows, maybe you will even try it out yourself? The schools on location offer courses regularly. But if you would rather go on a walk, you can use the long promenade towards the Holnis ferry house. As you pass through the nearby campsite you will find a great infrastructure, especially for kids. Of course, you can also fly your kite here!


Beach fee

Per day: €2.60
After 3:00 pm: €1.30 €
Season pass for guests: €40.00 €
Penalty: €12.50 €

Canopied beach chair rental in Sandwig

Per day: €13.00 €
per 1/2 day : €7.00 €
Weekly rental: €59.00 €

Canopied beach chair rental in Holnis

Renting is possible right at the entrance or