in Glücksburg

Sandwig beach resort

The lovely spa beach in Glücksburg with its new promenade-pier and the historic beach hotel recollects memories of the old days, when ladies wore long robes, and Flensburg’s bourgeoisie ventured here by steamer to enjoy their coffee getaway. Today, visitors can rent a North German style roofed strandchair and enjoy life on the beautiful white beach, and watch ships come in while having their children frolic in the shallow waters, supervised by the life guards of the German DLRG.
You can traverse from Glücksburg to Flensburg by ship. The ships will take bicycles as well.  

Holnis Drei

Holnis Drei at the tip of the Holnis peninsula features a wonderful beach. Sure, you can rest and relax, and watch beach life from the comfortable abyss of a roofed North-German beach chair. For walking or hiking aficionados, the long promenade leading north to Fährhaus (ferry house) Holnis is a good and natural trail. Because of the camping site nearby, you will find an excellent infrastructure, especially for children – and of course, kite flying is a favourite local sport! The new beach café with its marine and charming atmosphere beckons you to stay a while: Besides a yummy breakfast, you can enjoy ice cream, local Flammkuchen (tarte flambee) and other delicious snacks.  


Beach fee

Per day: €2.60
After 3:00 pm: €1.30 €
Season pass for guests: €40.00 €
Penalty: €12.50 €

Canopied beach chair rental in Sandwig

Per day: €13.00 €
per 1/2 day : €7.00 €
Weekly rental: €59.00 €

Canopied beach chair rental in Holnis

Renting is possible right at the entrance or