Travel & day trips

Arrangements – with and without overnight stay, city tour, tour by ship, rum tasting, brewery tour, etc.

City tours

Interesting and exciting tours on range topics are available all year round.


From goods reflecting varied cultures to extensive department stores, small boutiques and antique shops - a real mixture awaits!

Cultural gems

What are you in the mood for today? A visit to the palace or a tour of the museum? Find suggestions here!

Firth cruise

Enjoy the maritime flair! Whether by steamboat, traditional sailing ship or cruise liner, a trip on the water is always worth it.

Cycling and hiking trails

Slow down with a little momentum! Discover the fascinating scenery around the firth on foot or by bicycle.

Mystery House

Solve tricky puzzles and combine clues! An exciting mission for family, friends or teams.

CityGames Flensburg

A tablet guided city tour with puzzle and quiz character, interactive photo and video tasks. Flensburg becomes a playing field - fun is guaranteed!


For scientists young and old – exciting phenomena from the natural sciences and technology are waiting for you with some challenges.

Tip of the month


This comes highly recommended! The long coastal path stretches from the Danish border to the Schlei inlet and on the German side it forms the continuation of the Danish Gendarme Path.

Glücksburg Castle

Walk in the footsteps of royalty, taking in a wealth of knowledge and sights at the Glücksburg water castle.

Rum & sugar tour

Get to know Flensburg as a rum capital! Experience the old storehouses, picturesque courtyards and historic homes of merchants!


The planetarium hosts exciting presentations, talks and special events. Stay curious!

Nice, crisp and refreshing

Baltic autumn ambiance by the firth

There is nothing like a breeze of cool and refreshing autumn-air
on the shores of the Baltic Sea. We have a great mixed bag in our
event programme for you. Enjoy a walking spree on the beach and
nature's grand scenery with its autumnal and colourful nature.
Gobble up the year’s last sunrays before
the darkening winter sets in.

Baltic autumn ambiance by the firth
Baltic autumn ambiance by the firth
Baltic autumn ambiance by the firth
Baltic autumn ambiance by the firth
Baltic autumn ambiance by the firth

Culinary firth

Fish & Steaks

Danish cuisine, tasty fish and hearty steak – Flensburg has it all when it comes to culinary delights.

Port of Flensburg

Welcome to the Flensburg Gourmet Mile! Treat your palate at the Port of Flensburg!

Eating = happiness

Dining with a sea view? A romantic dinner in the castle cellar? Or keep it cosy in the barn? Give in to temptation!

With stunning waterscapes!

Where maritime flair meets hospitality. Treat yourself to some culinary delights and be amazed at the delicacies on offer!

Here you eat with your eyes first

A wide range of maritime delights with a stunning panoramic view awaits!