at Flensburg Fjord

The Flensburg Fjord region embraces to different cultures - you will find an interesting blend of German as well as Danish lifestyle on both sides of the border. Germans have adapted a Danish national treasure, called “hygge“.

But actually - what is this concept of „hygge“? The word „hygge“ is  a Danish word meaning “wellbeing”, “comfort” or “cosiness”. It is speculated that „hygge“ might originate from the word “hug”.

Hugging a friend, reading a good book, lighting candles after sundown, enjoying a cosy dinner, taking time for a lengthy conversation on various topics... But “hygge” is far more than that. It is a savoir vivre. 

So while you are here - be inspired to learn more and have a “hygge”-time at the Flensburg Fjord. In the following we have selected a few pleasant places, where you will find “hygge”.

Smucke Steed

The old villa, nestled in green space, offers you 16 lovingly arranged and comfy rooms. Here you can get away from it all, recharge your batteries, and be inspired.

Glück in Sicht

Stylishly decorated lodges, partly offering non-constrained views over the Flensburg Fjord feature lots of space for comfortable social gatherings with friends and family.

Hotel Hafen Flensburg

The assured sense of style with its fair blend of modern and historic trends makes this hotel something special. The hotel’s own restaurant named "Columbus" is a promise of cosy times.


Relax and feel at home in the authentic atmosphere reminiscent of grandma’s living room. Savour the affectionately handmade tortes and cakes, and marvel at the vast collection of coffee pots.

Migge´s Danish Bakery

A vast selection of hand-made cakes: Dannebrog pieces with marzipan and raspberry jam, Comtesse waffles in nut nougat and much more. That is "hyggelig"!

Café Fährhaus Holnis

 In summer, you can enjoy the panorama of the Danish coastline on the sunny terrace, while in winter sitting near the heated tile stove. The perfect finish following a lengthy airing. 

Strandhotel Glücksburg

The unobstructed view over Flensburg Fjord gives the viewer a sense of unburdened happiness. The lovingly furnished rooms in Scandinavian style are at your disposal.

Strandhaus Holnis

Experience the agitated fjord while strolling the landscape on a stormy autumn day, and enjoy subsequently the „hygge“ of your own private sauna.

Beste Stuuv

Lace doily and winged chair, that’s the Beste Stuuv. The little, authentic café will spoil you with its snug feeling of security, and delicious treats, just like grandma’s good old living room.