Coastal hiking trail

Coastal hiking trail


The new hiking trail on the Flensburg Firth

This 95-kilometre-long coastal path stretches from the Danish border to the Schlei inlet. Located on the German side, it is the continuation of the Danish Gendarme Path. Along the Fördesteig you will enjoy the many nature reserves, natural landscapes and stunning views of the Flensburg Firth. Starting at the Schusterkate, near Wassersleben, the trail leads you through the historic city by the firth, along the coasts of Glücksburg and through the fishing village of Langballigau, around the Gelting Birk nature reserve, all the way to Kappeln. On the Fördesteig, nature is pure and there's always a fresh breeze!

Tip: Extend your trip with a ride on the bike ferry.