Cycling & hiking

Cycling & hiking


Discover the firth region off the beaten path

The cycle route on the Ox Road is a 200 kilometre stretch from Germany to nearby Denmark. This is the oldest long-distance route in Schleswig-Holstein and is mostly used as a cycle route today. It was critical to the economic and cultural development of Schleswig-Holstein. For centuries, farmers from the Danish Jutland drove their cattle – up to 50,000 every spring – to the Elbe region’s major cattle markets. It was also used by Vikings, soldiers, pilgrims and other travellers.

Today, the route enables cyclists to ride across Schleswig-Holstein, through the green landscape at its centre, to Denmark. Evidence of history can be seen scattered throughout along the route. Your cycling tour or hike will bring you through nature reserves and stunning scenery. The 504 km cycle route, connecting Wedel and the Danish city of Viborg, is well marked in both directions. The Ox Road will inspire athletes, nature fans and history buffs alike.