Hiking & rambling

Hiking & rambling


Historic walks around the port

Flensburg city centre

The St Jürgen Staircase is like a free fitness centre, right at the Ostufer. It belongs to the E1 European long distance path and is lined with small, sloping gardens with benches for you to take a short break on as you ascend the staircase. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the Port of Flensburg and the historic city centre on the western shore. From there, you can continue along the hillside to the left, northbound on a quiet path. You will see the church tower of  St George at the end. Diagonally across from the church is a small staircase that will lead you back down. You will cross the busy Nordstraße (B199) and return once again to peace and quiet before crossing the “Am Lautrupsbach” road and Ballastbrücke, eventually reaching the industrial harbour. If you are out and about on a Friday after 2 pm, don’t miss out on a detour to the Flensburger Dragee-Fabrik dragée factory. Follow the promenade along the harbour to reach the city centre.

Rum & Sugar Mile

The Flensburg Rum & Sugar Mile shows you the traces left behind by the Danish West Indies voyages in the Flensburg cityscape. Discover the structural heritage of the Flensburg merchant families, sugar refinery owners and rum houses.

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Flensburg Captain's Route

Follow a Flensburg captain on his rounds on the Captains Route. The route is shown by waymarks on the ground and the signs at the stations describe the maritime history of the locations. Find out more about Flensburg’s maritime history at the maritime museum (station 1). This is also where the Captains Route begins.

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Information on accessibility tours in the region at

The accessibility city tour is about 3.5 km long and lasts approximately two hours. Rote Straße, Südermarkt, St Nicholas’ Church, Holmnixe, Mauseloch, Margarethenhof, Hafenspitze and Nordermarkt are just some of the stations. The tour can also be divided into three sections for you to explore at your leisure, and you can have a look or listen beforehand on your computer. Parking information is also available online.

StadtRundUm audio tour

Both east and west tours are available online in mp3 format at

Guided tour with audio-guide

Experience the diversity of our charming harbour city, aided by an audio-guide. Conduct your stroll through the historic centre of Flensburg independent of fixed dates and at your own pace. You may choose between a Western and an Eastern tour trail. There are four MP3-players available for each route.

StadtRundUm West (c. 3,5 km)

The Western roundabout will lead you through romantic alleys, along fascinating old brick-house facades and over steep stairs to fantastic views over Flensburg city, as well as through parks, old burial sites and leafy backyards.

StadtRundUm East (c. 4 km)

The Eastern roundabout will lead you along the harbour to fascinating viewing platforms, the Volkspark and the medieval street network.

The audio devices are loaned out for free, just be sure to deposit your passport with us as a security. 

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