by fjord and firth


Discover the Gateway to Scandinavia

A ramble along the Crooked Road

The Crooked Road is located between Niehuus and the Danish town of Bov. It is a well-maintained, cross-border hiking trail. It is sometimes referred to as the Army Road, Kings Road, Ox Road, Pilgrim Road or Church Road. It was once used to drive cattle from the Danish city of Vibork to Wedel, near Hamburg. More information can be found at

A ramble through the Krusau tunnel valley

Lake Niehuuser is the best place to start and there is ample parking. The Krusau is the river at the German-Danish border, north of Flensburg. It is connecting lifeline between the two nations. Fed by multiple sources on either side of the border, the Krusau flows through lakes, moors, meadows and forests deep in the valley. It empties into the Flensburg Firth, near Wassersleben. You can find out more at

Stiftungsland Schäferhaus

You will find relaxation in the Stiftungsland Schäferhaus nature reserve, 472 hectares of former military training land. The land is grazed on by the many Galloway cattle. Die Beweidung übernehmen zahlreiche Galloways. Download topographic map (PDF)

Schusterkate and Gendarme Path border crossing

You can cross into Denmark from Germany on foot or by bicycle on this small wooden bridge (remember to bring a valid ID). The Kollund Forest right by the Flensburg Firth is awaiting you on the other side. The so-called "Gendarmstien" (DK) leads to Høruphav. You will pass many gorgeous attractions along the way, such as Kollund Mole, the Ox Isles, a drawbridge, Egernsund, the brickworks museum, the fortifications at Dybbøl and Sønderborg Castle.