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Beautiful hikes and rambles

The Langballigau Valley

The Langballigau Valley is one of the most stunning river valleys at the Baltic coast; it is the only one of its kind on the Flensburg Firth. Cutting deep into a ground moraine, the valley boasts sloping deciduous forests, wetlands and a babbling brook and is home to a unique variety of fauna and flora. To protect these specimens, a 124 ha nature reserve was established here in 1990. Download information about the hiking trail (PDF)

Or would you prefer trails with a rich history?

If so, you can choose between two different routes on the Flensburg Firth. The first route is 9.8 kilometres long. It starts in Langballigau and passes through Langballigholz, Freienwillen and Langballig before returning back to Langballigau via the Au Valley. The second route is 16.3 kilometres long and begins in Westerholz. It passes the Steinadler Mill and the historic port on its way to Osterholz via Unewatt and Dollerupholz before it returns to Westerholz. Both historic trails take you through unspoilt nature around Angeln, allowing you to leave all of your worries behind. 

Lake Winderatt in Sörup

Sörup, the crown jewel of Angeln, is located about eight kilometres away from Langballig. It is the perfect location for a nice ramble around Lake Winderatt. You can park at the Pomarium Anglicum fruit museum in Winderatt, which is well worth a visit. From there, the ramble brings you into the forest and, after just a few minutes, you will find the first ponds, which are inhabited by tree frogs. After that you will march across wild meadows, beaten paths and jetties as well as encounter free-roaming cattle. In May, evening hikes known as “tree frog concerts” are offered – a true feast for the ears. Find out more at!