Following the German-Danish long distance path

The Danish section of the route will take you past the cities of Jels, Vojens, Rødekro, Kliplev and Kruså before crossing the German-Danish border. On the German side, the Pilgrim Route passes through Flensburg, Oeversee, Schleswig and Kropp, all the way to Rendsburg. You will get to see fascinating landscapes, exciting attractions and historic churches along the route, and you can start from either side.

The Pilgrim Route partially runs alongside Ox Road (also called Hærvejen, or “Army Road”, in Denmark). The Ox Road was previously used to drive oxen from Jutland to the River Elbe and pilgrims used the route during the Middle Ages for their pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela and Rome. There are 13 lodges along the route. These can be used by hikers as protection against the weather as well as for resting. They each contain seats, a pilgrim’s staff that can be used as a sundial, and three information boards. The first information board introduces the “Pilgrim Route” project, the second provides information about attractions and accommodation in the area, and the third is dedicated to a specific pilgrim-related topic.

Insider tip: the “Pilgrim Route” is also suitable for cycling. Informative maps are available from the Flensburg tourist information office.