OstseeMan Triathlon

OstseeMan Triathlon


A goosebump-inducing atmosphere and sheer emotion

Every year in August, over 1,500 athletes take part in the OstseeMan Triathlon in Glücksburg. Here they compete for the title of OstseeMan and OstseeWoman on long-distance stretches.

The OstseeMan is a long-distance triathlon covering the same distance as Ironman, including 3.8 kilometres of swimming in the open sea, 180 kilometres of cycling, and 42.195 kilometres of running. The OstseeMan is Germany’s only long-distance, Ironman-length triathlon and involves swimming in the open sea. Among the participants are some of the best and most well-known athletes and other aspiring OstseeMen and OstseeWomen.

Over 1,500 individual and relay starters will take part in the mass start in the open sea, in the Flensburg Firth. It is an incredibly unique, goosebump-inducing experience for athletes and spectators alike in Glücksburg and in Germany as a whole.

Six rounds of cycling with a view of the Baltic Sea and stunning landscape and five rounds of running, 3.5 km of each round taking place at the beach resort in Glücksburg amongst the cheering of the enthusiastic spectators: this much can be guaranteed for the OstseeMan Triathlon in Glücksburg. Residents of Glücksburg and the fans cheer on and support their heroes all the way to the finish line. And in Glücksburg, hospitality is key.

Contact and information

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