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Firth tours

MS Möwe

Firth tour along the coast

With 50 seats on board, the MS Möwe is a small, comfortable ship for your tour of the Flensburg Firth. The tour passes the Flensburg Museumshafen and heads into the inner Flensburg Firth, along the Danish coast. After circumnavigating the Ox Isles, the boat makes its way along the German coast, past the Mürwik marine school and the modern waterfront houses in the Sonwik marina back to the port. The tour lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes. The MS Möwe is in operation from April until September from its berth at the tip of the port (Hafenspitze) in Flensburg. Tickets can be purchased directly on board.

Reederei Ketelsen
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