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If you are looking for photographic material or press information about the Flensburg Firth, you are in the right place. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of our beautiful holiday destinations in the north of Schleswig-Holstein.

The diversity of the Flensburg Firth is what makes it so appealing: it is the region of two cultures and allows you to experience Scandinavian flair in the cities and discover the “hyggelig” – Danish for “cosy” – scenery along the Baltic coast. What’s more: Our firth region is the “smuk” – or, beautiful – bridge to neighbouring Denmark.

Find out for yourself! You can find our press photos here. Please observe our terms of use when using these images.

Our photographs: Benjamin Nolte (BN), Anke Hilgert (AH), Gorm Casper (GC). These initials are at the end of each image file name. Please use the following copyright information: TAFF / “name of photographer”

Please contact our team if you have any questions.

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