Travel insurance/travel cover

Travel insurance/travel cover

Holiday in Germany – but only with the proper travel cover!

What if you get sick before your trip? Or if a family member has an accident or you are forced to cancel your trip for another reason? What if your car breaks down and you arrive late? We won’t be able to replace the holiday joy you might miss out on, but we can get you your money back. Starting at just €6, the ERV (Europäische Reiseversicherung AG), our travel cover partner, will assume your financial risk in the event of a cancellation or delayed departure for a reason covered by the insurance.

Don’t forget to purchase travel cover – it may get expensive without it.

Storno cancellation insurance doesn’t just provide cover in the event of a cancellation, but also if you have to unexpectedly cut your trip short. In this case, the ERV will cover the costs for all unused days, giving you ultimate protection before and during your trip. This insurance also covers the loss of a hotel or holiday rental key and damages to furnishings.

StornoPlus cancellation insurance offers you even more: In addition to all of the services offered by the Storno cancellation insurance, StornoPlus cancellation insurance includes return transport for ill travellers, emergency medical attention (not covered by statutory health insurance), luggage insurance and bicycle cover.