The city centre

The city centre

in Flensburg


Want to treat yourself to something nice?

Want to treat yourself to something nice? Do you like to explore and bring souvenirs back with you for your loved ones? How about a cup of cappuccino or a glass of wine some place nice while you people watch? Then the streets, alleys and courtyards of Flensburg are perfect for you. From Flensburg’s treasure chest, Rote Straße, across Südermarkt, the Holm and Große Straße, all the way to Nordermarkt and Norderstraße, you will find a colourful mixture of small boutiques, popular franchises and diverse restaurants everywhere you go. Take a look at the beautiful, old bourgeois houses while strolling through town. Step off from the main streets, into the beautiful courtyards and discover even more lovely shops and other bars and restaurants. Whether you like classic fashion, Danish design or gorgeous jewellery – everyone will find something that suits their tastes.