Shopping centres

Shopping centres

beyond the city gates


Once you have discovered Flensburg, you can continue your shopping spree beyond the city gates. CITTI-Park and Förde Park both provide ample parking and plenty of shops for browsing. On many Sundays you are likely to find well-attended flea markets that will inspire many a collector.
CITTI-PARK is Flensburg’s newest and most modern shopping centre. Flooded with daylight, this vast shopping mall makes you feel as though you were walking along an elegant city boulevard. The lounge area at the fountain and the diverse range of restaurants are perfect locations for taking a quick break. And with 55 different shops to choose from, you will find everything your heart desires – from fashion and lifestyle to toiletries and household items, sports equipment, electronics and much more. CITTI Markt is also an experience in its own right. This market truly exudes 'joie de vivre' with over 80,000 items and an impressive range for connoisseurs. And if you want to experience authentic culinary Sylt flair, GOSCH Sylt is the place to go. medicum, consisting of 10 practices and 14 healthcare specialists, a chemist and a free nursery, is CITTI-PARK’s own health centre In addition to these many free services, CITTI-PARK also offers 2,000 free customer parking spaces in its own car park.

Förde Park offers 47,000 square metres of pure shopping pleasure. In this shopping paradise you will find everything from florists to fashion boutiques and DIY stores.

You can easily spend an entire day here and still find something new.
The Scandinavian Park shopping centre is no ordinary shopping centre. It’s more like a market without borders. With 2,500 square metres of shopping space, you can find the best from Denmark, Germany and the rest of the world here. In other words, exactly what you would expect from a trip to the north. Some customers even come here just to watch the Scandinavians taking their purchases back up north by the crate. Just see for yourself!