Angeln countryside museum

Angeln countryside museum


... and a museum with a village

Much more than just a museum - hello and welcome to the Angeln museum village in Unewatt! Wander between past and present and experience rural culture and ways of life between the five museum islands, including the butter mill, the smokehouse with the transformer house opposite, the Fortuna windmill and the Christesen barn. The Marxenhaus, which was part of the museum village, was destroyed by a major fire in June 2024. In addition to the many stories that the dreamy village has to tell, you can fortify yourself for the next adventure with regional dishes in the Unewatt by Hendrik restaurant after your tour. 

Our tip: The unspoilt landscape around Unewatt is truly beautiful. So how about a hike through the Langballigau valley? Once you reach the bottom, you'll be rewarded with fresh Baltic Sea air, a beach oasis and a view of the Danish coast. Ideal for a little breather!

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