Vacation with dog

Vacation with dog

Vacation with dog

Going on a vacation for the whole family, and you are taking the pet dog along? Come and discover our great forests, coastal hiking trails, and beaches. Together with your dog you can discover great forests, coastal hiking trails, and beaches.

Dog beaches

In Flensburg and Langballig, several great dog beaches await you and your furry friend. The dog beach at Ostseebad Flensburg is located close to the parking lot on the right side of the promenade, in walking distance from the city.
The dog beach Flensburg Solitüde on the west side of the beach is designated yearlong to dogs and their owners.
The signposted dog beach at Langballig is located between Langballigau and Westerholz.  

Note: You are allowed to take your dog to all beaches from 1 November to 31 March. This goes even for beaches that are not signposted as dog-friendly beaches, except for the resort beaches of Holnis/Glücksburg and Sandwig/Glücksburg. At these places dogs are not allowed at any time of year!

Dog forests

A nice alternative to the beaches are the beautiful and dense forests around Flensburg, especially on hot summer days. Enjoy the green foliage of the trees, the blue waters of the fjord here and there, and even the view of the Danish coast. Please remember to keep dogs on leash on walking trails. If you would like to grant your four legged friend a jolly good romp, we recommend the dog forest in Glücksburg. Here, there is room for running, sniffing, romping, and digging on an approximately 20-acre dog run area. The entrance with parking lot is located on Uferstraße at the height of Sandwigstraße.

Our tourist information office will gladly help to find the right pet-friendly accommodation for you and your dog.
We have one small request for you, though. Please keep your dog on a leash in the city, in buildings and public places. Oh, and if your dog should "drop something", please pick it up and dispose of it. Dog waste bag dispensers are available throughout the city.

Tips & Info

SUP with dog - Stand up paddling with your dog
Dog run areas in Flensburg
At the dog forest in Denmark your dog is free to run unleashed! Gråsten, Sønderborg and Augustenborg are located nearby!