The small seaport metropolis with Scandinavian flair!

“Moin Moin” and welcome to the picturesque seaport by the Baltic! Flensburg is a city with a fascinating history full of turbulence, prosperity and new beginnings – a city that is closely related to its neighbour, Denmark, and to the Danish culture which is very much in evidence to this day. This makes Flensburg a unique city of two cultures - with a very special “hygge” – or cosy – atmosphere. It’s the perfect holiday destination for your next urban getaway!

Enjoy the authentic maritime atmosphere with a stroll through the idyllic yet lively historic port. Here you can marvel at the imposing gaff rigs, classic yachts and the floating landmark of Flensburg: the Alexandra passenger steamer“ from the year 1908. At the Museumswerft you can see how the ships were once built. Or why not board the Alexandra or our drillships and take a tour of the Flensburg Firth, around the Danish Ox Isles to Glücksburg.

Flensburg may be known for a few things in Germany – including beer, eroticism and the points system,– but the city achieved world renown with the help of one high-percentage speciality: rum! That’s why, in addition to the museums and the „Phänomenta“, Flensburg offers a highly unique attraction: The rum museum at the Flensburger maritime museum. In addition to exciting stories about shipowners and merchants, shipyards and ships, a wonderful introduction awaits to the story of what has made this particular city successful. In 1755, coveted sugar and high-proof rum began making their way on sailing ships from the Danish West Indies to the then Danish trading post on the Flensburg Firth. The white and liquid gold from the Caribbean brought wealth to Flensburg.

The history of rum is tastefully brought to life with a sampling either directly in the museum’s café or at Johannsen Rum in the historic Marienburg near Nordermarkt as well as at Wein & Rumhaus Braasch on Rote Straße with the new Braasch rum production museum. You can delve even deeper into the history of rum on the Rum & Sugar Mile through the old nooks and crannies of the rum city of Flensburg. Its many historic merchant courtyards are truly beautiful artefacts and are home to lovely boutiques, diverse restaurants and the Flensburger Hofkultur summer concert series.

A shopping spree in Flensburg doubles as a sightseeing tour. You can admire the historic classicist, Renaissance and baroque façades, explore the picturesque merchant courtyards and, above all, enjoy the Scandinavian flair as you make your way along the pedestrian zone from Roten Straße – endearingly nicknamed Flensburg’s treasure chest –  across Südermarkt and the Holm to Nordermarkt, with its many cafés, restaurants and bars in the gorgeous ambience of one of the city’s oldest squares. The longest and most beautiful shopping mile in Schleswig-Holstein invites you to come take a stroll.

Among the absolute highlights in Flensburg are the maritime events. For over 30 years, the Rum Regatta has kicked off the event season on Ascension weekend. You can find some event tips here.