Discover your inner scientist!

Touching and participating is allowed – at Phänomenta, the Flensburg science centre, the world of natural science and technology is placed under the microscope. Visitors of all ages can get to the bottom of scientific phenomena at the centre’s interactive stations. Whether you’re alone, with friends, the family, your school class or your colleagues during a company outing, everyone is a scientist here. Physics is fun, and Phänomenta can prove it!

The exhibit offers more than 170 stations on different topics where visitors are free to experiment and have a go. Navigate your way around a course in complete darkness, using only your sense of touch for orientation. Confuse and train your eyes and brain with distorted mirrors, the slanted room, light projections and spinning disks. Numerous three-dimensional maths stations invite you to muse and ponder for hours at a time. This exhibit is full of light and sound, laughs and chats, and a whole lot of movement. The doors of Phänomenta are open to scientists of all ages 362 days a year, located right at Nordertor.

During the school holidays, children between the ages of eight and 14 can enjoy exciting workshops daily. Phänomenta is also the perfect place to celebrate your birthday. The Hugo Eckner exhibit (a world-famous pioneer in aviation) and the “Großes Wasservergnügen” water installation in summer are two additional highlights of the centre.

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