Experiencing culture

The region along the Flensburg Fjord awaits you with a fascinating cultural diversity and a fully packed duffel bag stuffed with places of interest. Yes, this is a world, filled with unique cultural excellence! You will go on a time travel. You will find sites, packed with historic German-Danish legacy. And in the world of artists and artistry, e.g. when attending stage performances or concerts, you will be torn from your stool, when laid-back show-watching turns into improvised participation. Low German („plattdeutsch“) local comedy-style will make you laugh. And don’t be surprised, when Petuh Tanten - funny characters speaking local Petuh jargon - utter inscrutable statements, like „Ohaueha, was'n Aggewars“ on a guided tour. 
So, do you fancy a dance? Well, try night life, coastal style! Rustic and cosy local pubs, bars, and a handful of clubs are at your disposal – ocean view included!