St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church is not only the city’s biggest church, it is even one of the tallest in all Schleswig-Holstein! Measuring 90 m in height, its steeple looms well over the old town roofs. Participating in a guided church tour, you will be able to experience a gigantic view over Flensburg from heavenly heights, and be able to catch a moment’s serenity. St. Nicholas Church promotes itself as the “Open Church in the heart of Flensburg”; the doors are apertured to visitors every day. The church is one of the most popular destinations on the European Route of Brick Gothic; it is home to Northern Germany’s most significant Renaissance church organ; an instrument with a worldwide unique build. In fact, the front case created by Hinrich Ringeringk conceals two organs in one. You do not want to miss this the opportunity to hear this spectacular instrument being played!

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