Maritime museum and rum museum

Flensburg is a historic seaport and trading post. The Flensburg maritime museum explains the maritime history of the city with all of its stories about the port and merchant courtyards, the ships and shipowners, and the machinists and captains as well as their typical day on board. These are stories from far-off lands as well as from the coast of the homeland. Stories from the Danish West Indies about sugar, rum and slavery. Stories from the firth about butter transporters and women who spoke the Petuh dialect. Stories from the shipyard about engineers, riveters and welders.

The museum offers a rich experience for all of the senses. It features interactive, hands-on stations that require you to participate, watch, listen and marvel, making a visit to the museum a journey of discovery for sailors of all ages. Special exhibits, promotional days, holiday programmes, tours of the museum and the city, knot-tying courses, rum tastings, concerts, readings and presentations create a rich variety. Feel free to browse the museum gift shop and pass time in the Café.

The rum museum is in the cellar of the old customs building. It features a multimedia installation that lets viewers walk in the footsteps of Flensburg’s major merchant families and tells of the adventurous Danish West Indies voyages, the horrors of slavery and the wealth that the sugar and rum trade brought Flensburg. The film received an award at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2014. Admission to the rum museum is free.

The fleet of traditional sailing boats, classic yachts and the steamers of the historic Port of Flensburg. The Captains Route and the Rum & Sugar Mile begin at the maritime museum. Simply put: Flensburg’s maritime history is alive at the port!

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