Nightlife Flensburg

Nightlife Flensburg

Nightlife Flensburg

Set your compass due north, to the Nordermarkt (Northern Marketplace), a true magnet for night life crowds. Night owls will find this to be just the right spot - be thrilled! Follow the sound of music along the alleys, and the rhythm of the night on the streets, to multitudinous bars, comfy pubs, discotheques, and popular dance venues. Set course, and follow the sounds and sights of the rompish and frolic night life of the city at Germany’s most beautiful firth!

People of all walks of life and all ages just love the famed Porticus, situated in close vicinity of the Nordermarkt. The Porticus pub is located in a venerable old timbered house, dating from year 1740. Its original and autochthonic ambience along with the comprehensive menu card, ensures its visitors merry evenings and nights. Besides, the Porticus is known as the favourite watering hole for the popular local band „Santiano“. As such, quite a legendary Flensburg-locality!
MORE INFORMATION: +49 (0) 461 14681438

As varied as its punters, are the choices offered by the Kritz, a leisurely café, situated at the in-spot of Nordermarkt. You can start your day at the Kritz with a healthy breakfast, and come back in the evening to enjoy the than lively music-bar with a DJ to keep your spirits until the early morning hours.
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Benny’s Bar
Another great pub at the Nordermarkt, Benny’s, will keep you happy with its profound range of cocktails. This is the place to spend a great cocktail evening. Unique, and according to the guests’ wishes, even individually created cocktails, will make for happy and content faces around the bar.
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The Bärenhöhle (Bear Cave) is so rooted in the port, locals cannot even imagine Flensburg without it! This quaint and comfy quayside bar is cult for a reason: the happy and friendly ambience. Equally legendary to the Bärenhöhle is its „Helgoländer“, a mixed short drink. And you absolutely should not leave without having imbibed it.
MORE INFORMATION: +49 (0) 461 23850

Sasa Dance Hall 
Sasa, close to the harbour, and neighbour to the city's police station, is an anchor place to both young and old. Local DJs will give you the mood and best songs from old and new genres and decennials to party by. Regularly on the club’s little stage, smaller concerts take place - in an intimate and warm ambience with little distance between performers and dancers.
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Bootshaus Flensburg
Do you like good music, cool parties, a wide selection of cocktails, fun with friends and live DJs? The Bootshaus is a popular venue, located right at Flensburg’s harbour. You can also rent the location for private parties, birthday celebrations or company events.
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Klähblatt Pub
Located on the Schiffbrücke in middle of the harbour of Flensburg, the Klähblatt is a watering hole for the early bird as well as the night owl. Come by on the karaoke evenings to show off your singing talent, and stand up against other teams at the Thursday pub-quiz. On the frequent evenings with live-music, the pub transforms into one big dance floor until the wee hours in the morning. Of course, St. Patrick‘s Day is being held in a big way each year in this Irish style pub.
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Study Lounge   
Great dance music from around the world, like house, electro, and current chart hits, paired with fresh drinks - that is one of the secrets of the Study Lounge on the harbour stretch. This club comes with a modern image, and it is a favourite watering hole of many of the local party goers.
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Every pub crawler's highlight! Located in Norderstraße, also known as the artists’ street, the Peppermint caters to all tastes. Come by with your friends, for a few rounds, or just for a quick one.
MORE INFORMATION: +49 (0) 461 79500006

Discothek MAX
Each week-end, the MAX draws younger crowds like a magnet. You may come here for a smaller live concert, or for a motto or theme party: Lots of fun guaranteed - a varied program makes it happen!
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Phono Club & Bar 
Evenings at the Phono are select events, the theme parties provide exciting vibes and happy mood. Savour a cocktail, while enjoying the unique view of the harbour of Flensburg. A truly fascinating pleasure!
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The Grogkeller is located at a historic site, the Südermarkt. It is, and has been, one of the cornerstones of Flensburg nightlife for decades, and known to be a watering hole for late-nighters. Enjoy and dance until daybreak, and have a snack at the farmers’ market right outside the entrance, as you leave in the morning.
MORE INFORMATION: +49 461 24581

A summer magnet: May we help you to a fruity cocktail, a cool Flens (local beer), or some delicious finger food, like a local tarte flambee? The BeachClub at the Hafenspitze on the inner harbour will make your day - and evening. A sunset and wonderful harbour panorama as a backdrop are free extra benefits. Skål!
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Gosch Flensburg
Delicious fish and much more: At evenings, the Gosch at the Hafenspitze (Inner Harbour) transforms from maritime caboose to modern dance floor and bar, with regularly dance-parties and live music. Ranging from selected wines to cool local beer, Flens, you will have a choice of good beverage and times.
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Roxy Concerts
The Roxy is open to private parties as well as public events, and even well-known bands are prone to stop over on their tours. Other than that, Roxy rocks with disco nights on a regular basis.
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Central Park/Punschwald Flensburg
Just outside the Deutsche Haus you will find a watering hole in the form of a garden, called Punschwald (“punch forest”). Here you can sip cool drinks in the summer during the day, while listen to live acts - and enjoy winterly and christmasy ambience during the cold and dark months of the year. Hot wine-punch, hot chocolate, and delicious dishes in a not-as-usual ambience provide for a comfy stopover in a sea of fir trees.
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