Cathrinesminde brickworks museum

Cathrinesminde brickworks museum


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The enormous brickworks museum on the shore of the Flensburg Firth offers fascinating insights into the region’s history. The Flensburg Firth was a major player in brickworks for over 300 years. With nearly 70 brickworks and their tall chimneys, the skyline along the shore was significantly shaped by this industry. At the landing stages, which can still be seen today, mainly red and yellow bricks were loaded onto ships and brought to the Caribbean.

At Iller Beach alone, near the present museum, there were eight brickworks. With the exception of Cathrinesminde, all have since disappeared. The many bricks found on the shore are the only signs of the location’s history (along with a brick path leading to its remnants) – as is the case in many other locations on both sides of the firth. Only on Nybøl Nor is the legacy of this historic industrial culture continued. Here, seven brickworks distribute the famous Egernsund bricks.

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