Store Okseø

On Store Okseø (the larger island) you will find a diverse and varied nature and can enjoy a great view of Flensborg Fjord, a very special outdoor experience with the possibility to stay overnight in shelter by booking.
You will have to organise the crossing yourself, as there is no ferry service at the moment.
We recommend that you provide your own supplies, such as drinking water and food. There is no possibility to buy snacks on the island. Please use the composting toilet available on the island and leave no trace of your stay in nature - this applies to all kinds of rubbish and toilet paper. As there are no rubbish bins on the island, please bring a rubbish bag with you and take your rubbish back with you for disposal.

It is possible to stay overnight in a shelter on Store Okseø. Accommodation must be booked through Naturstyrelsen.