Shopping Flensburg & Region

Shopping Flensburg & Region

Shopping in Flensburg and the region

Rote Straße

The Rote Straße (Red Street) is a real treat with its historic buildings and picturesque back yards. Rote Straße is nicknamed „the little jewel box“. Dreams are allowed - and even fulfilled. 

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Encircled by imposing and inspiring architecture, the public square Südermarkt is a pivot point for shopping tours in central Flensburg. Twice a week, this is where the local farmers’ market takes place, and shoppers ore offered a great variety of regional products.  
Also, the entrance to the shopping mall, Flensburg Galerie, is to be found next to the Südermarkt. The Galerie is a modern shopping mall amidst old masonry – in a fascinating interplay between classic and modern times. 

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The Holm extends from Südermarkt to Rathausstraße, and as such it contains Flensburg’s impressive shopping mile. Here you will find old-established ware houses, history-charged back yards, as well as modern equippers. Remember to look up! And enjoy the uplifting sight of the picturesque ornaments on the old housefronts. Looking behind the façades, in the Holmpassage you will be surprised to find a shopping mall. The roofed hallway leads through old brickstone walls and brings you shopping excitement as well as historic awe.


Große Straße

Flensburg’s downtown main street, Große Straße, extends from the Nordermarkt to the Holm. It is a charming as well as exclusive place. In the many owner-managed boutiques, dreams come true. 



The Nordermarkt (Northern Marketplace) is a great spot to take a break. Inviting restaurants, cafés, bistros and bars circumvent the charming little square. 


This interesting street displays many small and authentic boutiques, cafés, and shops, ranging from street-art to hip. A wonderful place to be inspired and have a nice time. 


The town and small resort of Glücksburg encloses many affectionately designed shops in Scandinavian style. Besides clothing for children, you will find stylish boutiques for indoor decoration and other items. Glück is the German word for happiness - and this applies for shopping in Glücksburg - during season also open on Sundays. 


The municipality of Harrislee has a lot of Scandinavian outlets that convey hygge - this special feeling of Northern comfiness. Gorgeous decoration stuff, stylish children’s wardrobe, „unpacked stores“, and traditional craftsmanship - visiting some of the owner-managed shops just has to be on your bucket list.