11.10.2024 - 12.10.2024

Apfelfahrt (Apple Ships)


A colourful tradition for the whole family, an authentic maritime event at the Flensburg Fjord!
On Friday, at around 1 p.m., a handful of historic traditional ships will sail to Glücksburg and, together with the crews, load a tonne of apples onto the ships and ship them to Flensburg. The apples can be bought on this weekend on the Bohlwerk (pier) at Flensburg's Museum Harbour while enjoing the nautic flair. The profits from the apple sales go to the Museum Harbour and help to provide a home for the traditional ships in Flensburg harbour.
The apple cruise harks back to the approximately 100-year-old tradition on Flensburg Fjord of transporting the annual apple harvest by sea to the surrounding towns. Over the years this has become an integral part of the Flensburg and Glücksburg cultural programme. It was initiated by the Museumshafen Flensburg to draw attention to this old tradition.

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Bohlwerk (pier), Museum Harbour Flensburg
24937 Flensburg