29.09.2023 - 30.09.2023

Culinary festival - Lækkerschmecker – grenzenloser Genuss


When autumn sets in at the Flensburg Fjord, things get really cosy - and by harvest time, really tasty too! With their culinary festival "Lækkerschmecker - grenzenloser Genuss" (which could be translated to something like „really tasty – borderless delight“), the Tourismus Agentur Flensburger Förde GmbH and the DEHOGA Schleswig-Flensburg will present culinary highlights, activities, and information on the topics of regional and sustainable cuisine at Flensburg's Hafenspitze (harbour tip).
Small and large delicacies await you at gastronomic stands, as well as inspiring impressions and tastings at food preparations in the show kitchen. Here, you will also have the chance to look over the shoulders of experienced chefs at the event-cooking, and even partake in a food preparation yourself and gain new cooking insights and experiences. From rutabaga to apple pancakes - there will be something interesting and delicious for everyone, young and old, to taste and feast on!
A variety of hands-on activities invite you to get active and learn more about the food and traditions of the border region. In direct exchange with local producers, start-ups and initiatives on the topics of culinary arts and the food revolution, you can learn more about the journey of food from its origin to your household kitchen, and what to look out for, when choosing and processing food. Also, on the stage, artists and musicians will enrich the programme.

City centre Flensburg