08.07.2022 - 10.07.2022

Dampf Rundum (Steam boat gathering)


Smoke on the water - the steamers are coming! Enjoy Europe’s largest steamboat spectacle in Flensburg’s harbour, called “Dampf Rundum” for free.
Every two years, the Dampf Rundum, Europe's largest steamboat meeting, attracts numerous visitors to the harbour for three days. Hosting the event and inviting you to marvel at the great old technical and cultural achievements is "Alex" – also known by the proper name of saloon steamship Alexandra. Guests will be able to book round trips on the fjord with saloon steamers, steam icebreakers, tugboats and light vessels. At shore, visitors will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds while joining in on the festive blend of steam-marketing, culinary and musical contributions. By the way - did you know that "Alex" is Germany’s last and only seagoing passenger steamship?

Dates subject to pandemic development and regulatory approvals.

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Schiffbrücke, Harbour
24939 Flensburg