Golfing for everyone

Miniature golf course in Solitüde
Play a round of minigolf on a well-maintained, 18-hole course right in the middle of the Solitüde recreational area. All equipment and information will be provided for you and advice is willingly provided if requested. A kiosk is also available for snacks and refreshments. The course is located just above the Solitüde beach. Here you can also find playgrounds, a beach, a restaurant, free parking and good bus connections.

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BoA Adventure Minigolf
BoA Adventure Minigolf on Flensburg’s western heights is a real highlight. A (mini)golf course of a somewhat different variety; it successfully combines nature, ambience and sport. Each of the 12 outdoor courses presents you with various obstacles to overcome. Unlike normal minigolf, there are no concrete holes here. You are allowed to run around the lawns in order to get the ball to its destination in as few puts as possible.

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Miniature golf course in Harrislee
The course in Harrislee is ideally located directly opposite the beach in Wassersleben. There is plenty of space here for a nice round of mini-golf.