Viking museum

Hedeby lies before the gates to the city of Schleswig. In the Viking period, from the 9th until the 11th century, the early-medieval city was one of the most significant trading centres in northern Europe. It was here that some of the most important trading routes intersected, bringing people and goods from around the world together. 

The new Viking Museum Hedeby is home to one of the most modern archaeological exhibitions in Europe. The museum’s unique finds and innovative technologies take visitors back 1,000 years into the past, to the early days of civilisation.

Many of the artefacts are testaments to the craftsmanship and trade of the day. Jewellery and weapons from richly decorated graves as well as the impressive ruins are the evidence of the members of the upper class at this site. The royal ship from the port in Hedeby was once the fastest ship in the Baltic. It is now on display at the centre of the ship hall, providing visitors with an insight into life at the port 1,000 years ago.

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